Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winna Winna; Chicken Dinna

Anybody out there want to win some sweet Mend Mark gear? Well, you came to the right place!

Here's what you do:

1) Go to our facebook page before midnight on December 22nd

2) Post on our wall the best Christmas present you've ever given or gotten.

3) Invite your friends to become fans of Mend Mark (Okay, so this isn't really a requirement of the contest but it wouldn't hurt if you did. *hint, hint*)

Our panel will judge your posts and decide on a winner that will be announced the morning of Thursday, December 23rd. If it's you, we'll be in contact via facebook message to get your address and shirt size. Once we have that we'll ship your glorious (and highly coveted) prize out.

Check out what you could win!

Side note: forcing spiritual innuendoes to appear holy isn't going to help you with this one. ;) But, being real, honest, and funny will. Good luck.

Let the games begin!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Advent Conspiracy

There's not much that I could say in addition to what this video beautifully illustrates. Watch it and remember what Christmas is all about.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanks Giving

So, I usually get a little emotional around Thanksgiving… I can't help it. There's just something about this time of year that makes me take a step back and really notice all the blessings in my life. This year is no different. Actually, it's probably a little worse than normal. I recently started to reflect on how this thing all started and how far it has evolved in such a short time. It amazes me what God has done in my life and the lives of others through a simple little bracelet. And with that epiphany, I wanted to give credit where credit is due. Below is a list of some people that have been instrumental in the success of this thing:

God – for inspiring the idea… and pretty much everything else… ever.

Jesus – for the ultimate example of love and sacrifice

My Wife Morgan – for believing in me and encouraging me to zealously pursue my dreams… and for having the patience to deal with me throughout the long, time consuming process

My Son Lanier – for motivating me to do something bigger than myself

My Mom – for convincing me at a young age that I could change the world

My Family – for always standing behind me

Stewart – for giving me a starting point

Len – for turning an idea into a reality

Joe & Jenica – for the pull and the pop

Greg – for giving me a passion for creativity and an appreciation for quality

Lil' John – for wearing the mark everyday, even though it probably cuts off your circulation.

Gary – for showing me how to lead

Jared & Miriam – for working your fingers to the bone

Jonathan, Lauren, Michael & Kayla – for rounding out the assembly line

Aaron – for making it a fashion statement

Michael – for putting words into *motion

Brian – for being more excited about the idea than me

ODM Family – for sparking the flame

Joe – for telling everybody you meet

Lee – for wearing it in front of millions of people

Dave – for reading my mind

Audra – for being a wordsmith

Bill & Cindy – for making me feel important

Steve – for seeing the potential

Neil & Sue – for taking it global

The Staff of Select Bank – for putting up with me

LWI – for saving lives

I am so thankful for you guys and I hope you realize… that I realize… that I couldn't have done it without you.

And a big phat THANK YOU goes out to everybody else that has supported the mend mark project and has inspiringly used it to spread the message of Christ's love. I am sincerely humbled by your support.

Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Recent Testimonials

Below are some recent testimonials on how the mend mark is working in people's lives... Do any of them relate to your experience?

I am absolutely blown away by how God is using the mend mark to spread the gospel and change the hearts of those who I get to talk to about it. Truly, I am at a loss for words. It is such a blessing.

- Reagan

My wife bought me a mend mark back in May and I haven't taken it off since. I can't even count the number of people I have been able to tell the story too. It's more than just a bracelet... it's a full-blown ministry.

- George

I was recently given a mend mark bracelet by my sister and brother-in-law. I look at it throughout the day, and it is amazing what thoughts cross my mind. It is a true reminder of who we serve and why we do! Bravo!

- Shonya

I put the bracelet on and had a very powerful emotional reaction. I mean, I was wearing something that reminds me of the nails in Jesus' hands and feet. I could barely look at it because it was such a powerful reminder.

- Mimi

I get asked about it all the time. It seems to happen out of the blue... I could be at a restaurant or with my family and friends. It's almost as if I'm forced to explain the message and meaning! It helps to remind me to stay focused on what's really important in life, especially when I feel down and out.

- Newton

I purchased a few mend marks a while back and when people would see me wearing one they would ask what it represented. The response I would get when I told them was overwhelming so I would just givethem mine. I recently gave my last one away... so now it's time to stock up again. Thank you for providing an awsome way to remind the world of the love that Jesus has for us!

- Melina

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tell Your Story

One of the things that makes the mend mark unique is the fact that it is distinctively, but generically designed so that it sparks curiosity without completely giving away what it's about. It seems that too many 'religious' products will do all the talking for the person wearing them. But the mend mark usually requires you to tell the story yourself. Your personal love story.

It takes spreading the love of Christ back to its roots... where it is virally spread through the mouths of those who have experienced it first hand. Wear the mark and be prepared to share your story... because you never know - it may just change someone's life.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dare to be Different

I heard a story once where a young husband and wife were cooking dinner. Before the wife put the ham they were planning to eat in the oven, she cut the ends off. The husband was curious and decided to ask why this was, to which the wife responded: "I dunno, my mother always did it this way." They then decided to call the mother to find out her reasoning. She ironically replied: "I dunno, my mom always did it that way." The wife then called her grandmother to find out why she cut the ends off. After a little chuckle, the grandmother replied by saying: "Because that was the only way I could get it to fit in the pan."

Life can be like this sometimes. It's easy to get caught up in the mundane routines and traditions without ever thinking twice about them. BUT... I'm issuing you a challenge to think twice. Reflect on the story above and dare to be different. You may find that you've been missing out on something all along.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Opinions are like butt holes… We all have them, I’m just not into showing mine off

So... after years of debate, I finally decided to start blogging. I know, I know - I'm a little late in the game.

I've been putting it off for various reasons. I always seem to come up with the best excuses:

I don't have enough time

I don't think I’m that interesting

I don't know how to tYp3

The truth is I've been holding back not because I don't have anything to say. (I usually have too much to say) It's just that sometimes I'm scared of 'WHAT' I will say.

By that I mean, I can be somewhat of an opinionated person. I'm an eccentric thinker at times. Ask my wife and she'll tell you - I'm not much like everybody else. (in other words - I'm a little weird) So, it's pretty much a given that if I start writing there's no telling where it will lead. I'm sure that I will end up saying something that not everyone will agree with. I might even ruffle a few feathers along the way. And (truth be told) that is not my intention at all.

There are plenty of authors, artists, bloggers out there that will say and do things just to be different and to provide some sort of confrontational point of view in order to step on other's toes and (GASP) get a little personal glory and adoration in the process. Especially when it comes to religious topics. It seems that lately being a rebel against religious traditions is the popular thing to do.

My 'opinion' - when a rogue way of doing things becomes popular... you're not much of a rebel anymore.

Anyway, that's another story for another time. Maybe a blog post perhaps. ;)

The point is, I'm reluctant to have too many opinions tied to the mend mark project because one of the main purposes behind it is to promote unity through the message of love. The last thing I want to do is say things that would be viewed as confrontational. So, I'll try to keep my personal thoughts and convictions at a minimum if you promise to please, please, please take everything I write with a grain of salt. (maybe the whole shaker at times) Don't ever let me force my way of thinking on you. After all, who says that I'm right? (well - besides me)

My hope is that this will eventually turn into an online community... So, go ahead and bookmark this page NOW and come back often. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell your frenemies. Feel free to use the comments section to tell me how cool I am, how stupid I am, how ridiculous I am... but mostly how cool I am.

Who knows? You may even trigger some fun discussions along the way.